​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dynamite Partners
The Derby City Dynamite is the perfect grassroots marketing opportunity.
The success of any grassroots marketing campaign is three simple "F's":
Feel-Good, Frequent, Free
What does that mean to you, the sponsor?
Derby City Women’s Professional Football is a memorable entertaining sporting event that no viewer ever forgets experiencing.  We have a continuous feel-good women’s health and wellness campaign that motivates people and brings out their passion for the sport and fitness peak performance. Your Company has the potential to be visible at every game and community event.*

Derby City Women’s Professional Football is about permeating a community and building relationships locally on many levels so the buzz grows.  We’ll do this, by having multiple layers of communication to keep the messages and excitement fresh, frequent and strong.  Elements include a kick-off announcement, multiple sporting events, assorted interview opportunities, volunteerism, activism through our 501 c(3) and more. We will participate in media covered events, distribute news releases and pitch media contacts to cover games. Your Company has the potential to be mentioned in every communication medium.*
Derby City Women’s Professional Football is one of the best ways to get people excited about your products by having them use it. Sampling free products distributed at games and events builds that desired word-of-mouth.
Your Company has the potential to have industry exclusive distribution rights that includes tables, props, and tents for handing out trials.*
* Dependent upon your sponsorship plan selection
Email: info@derbycitydynamite.com to get your guide.